What International Women’s Day 2023 means to this female-led financial management service   

We thought it would be a great opportunity to reflect this IWD 2023 on just how far we’ve come. As an organisation, we’ve had the honour of advocating for a strong female workforce from day one. In addition to this, we’ve had the pleasure of watching our industry become increasingly enriched with the growing number of talented women choosing to work in financial services. Here at Square Penny, our mission has always been to deliver high-quality service to our clients, and it’s no surprise that the source of this top level customer experience starts with the ingenuity and resilience of our diverse team of women.

For an extra special treat for International Women’s Day 2023, we thought it might be fun for you to hear from our intrepid CEO, Trish Catlin. Trish has been with Square Penny for four years now, and has  made a big impact. With her 19 years’ experience in professional services, she’s seen it all. Trish is a Chartered Accountant, registered BAS Agent and qualified Coach. She’s operated internationally, as well as right here in Australia and seen the inner mechanisms of businesses in many industries, from retail to construction, pharmaceuticals to education. We couldn’t think of a better candidate to have a chat with this International Women’s Day. Here’s what Trish had to say…

When did you become CEO of Square Penny?

Officially 1 March 2021

What do you love most about working at Square Penny?

Honestly, the people make every day exciting. I never know what I’m going to get. The clients are fabulous, and we really have the dream team here, working together to help business owners to thrive. Nothing is more rewarding than watching a client’s shoulders relax as the relief washes over them that they’re in safe hands!

What are your personal hopes and goals for the future?

Really, the most important thing for me is to build a strong, supportive culture. I want to see every member of staff progressing and getting the most out of their careers.

What does it mean to you to work in an organisation who advocates for women so strongly?

For too long, women have been undervalued. Working in an organisation where our opinions matter, our voices are heard and our contribution to the team is celebrated means we can forge our own path and have fulfilling careers. Add to that, the knowledge that we are given the space to find the balance between the personal and the professional gives me a strong sense of belonging and loyalty that is completely priceless.

On that note, what does Square Penny do differently to support women in the workplace?

We are a truly flexible business that focusses on output and client service. This means all staff – female and otherwise – can work around their other activities, be it a hobby, taking care of kids or parents, etc, whilst doing meaningful work. It’s a truly forward-thinking place to be, and I’m so proud to be a part of it.

What’s your vision for women in the industry?

I would love to see more women in leadership positions in the financial services industry. It would be great if there were more firms that operated like ours – more female partners, equal pay, female senior execs at large corporates, and so on. Don’t get me wrong, the males in our industry do a great job, but creating more diversity at the top brings different perspectives to how organisations can and should operate.

Celebrate International Womens Day 2023 by collaborating with a forward-thinking financial services firm who advocates for #EmbracingEquality. To get started, simply call 1300 472 412 to speak with one of our friendly team.



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