Best Business Software: Make 2023 your business’ most productive year yet!

So another year has come to pass, and more likely than not, you’re picking up exactly where you left off in 2022. Hopefully you’re feeling more rested for a bit of time to yourselves over the festive period. But now comes reality: back to the grindstone. But what if it didn’t have to be a grind? Here at Square Penny, we pride ourselves on identifying the best business software options to make doing what you do best a breeze. Throughout this blog, we’re going to help you get the most out of every workday for yourself and your employees by leveraging our extensive knowledge of the best productivity tools around. We’re going to problem solve as we go, so each set of tools will be based around a challenge that you may be facing in your own workplace right now. Ready to dive in? Let’s go… 

Problem #1: Inefficient inventory systems

One of the most common challenges we encounter with our clients when we first start working with them is poor stock control. When a business struggles to maintain clarity around its inventory (both too little and too much), it’s a sure-fire indicator of: 

  • Missed Sales 
  • Lost Customers 
  • Tied Up Money 
  • Excessive Warehousing Costs 

(To name just a few) 

The good news? Inventory control is super simple when you’re using the best business software for the job. Choose a tool that integrates with your existing digital ecosystem (website, accounting software, etc), and watch your stock control stress melt away. 

Square Penny recommends: 



Problem #2: Poor delegation and project management 

You’d be surprised how often highly accomplished business owners grappling with this particular challenge. Especially if they’re used to taking on the lion’s share of responsibility for the success of the business. As a business grows, we need to effectively delegate responsibilities and track the progress of any task or project. The simplest way to achieve this? Bring in the best business software for the job! When you have the right tools to hand, creating and tracking the type of efficiency you need to expand your operation is almost effortless. 

Square Penny recommends: 


Xero Practice Manager 



Problem #3: Poor communication channels

Every business will have a preference for how communication is promoted within their organisation. Not all of these approaches are effective, mind you. Without clear and efficient lines of communication between members of staff, teams and management, a litany of challenges emerge: 

  • Low morale, cohesion and organisational loyalty 
  • Increased conflict 
  • Instability 
  • Lack of transparency 
  • Lack of accountability 

These barriers to success are easily remedied by choosing the best business software for improving communication channels. Once the path is cleared and these challenges are solved, your organisation will experience measurable improvements in productivity and overall job satisfaction. 

Square Penny recommends: 


Microsoft Teams 

There isn’t a correct way to choose the best business software for improving productivity and efficiency in any business – only, what works for that business specifically. And with so many options to choose from – both paid and free – it can be overwhelming to know which will work best for your organisation specifically. Quite often, the simplest place to start is by bringing in an experienced eye to identify the best solution for your organisation based on: 

  • Budget 
  • Team size 
  • The nature of your business output 
  • Technical knowledge and experience 
  • Amount of oversight desired 

If there’s something slowing you down, don’t let it get in the way. 

As part of our mission to make 2023 the most efficient year yet for SMEs, we’d love to support you in making choosing the best business software for your organisation as simple as possible. Secure your complimentary systems review now, by calling 1300 472 412. 

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